Client Benefits

As an ATPI client, you benefit from our global coverage, our ethos of continuous innovation, and our approach to service.

Global delivery and buying power

Some of our bigger competitors have a network as large as ours. But we combine global coverage - more than 100 offices around the world – with a nimble approach to making cross-border decisions that benefit our clients everywhere. An example? We use the same reservation system all over the world. That guarantees a consistent and seamless service, wherever you are – and wherever you’re going. We establish offices in key cities: the locations where our clients need us to be. Our extensive network reflects both our range of clients and the sectors in which you work. It means we provide you with local knowledge and expertise in every corner of the globe.

And if you’re the kind of size where worldwide procurement is essential, we can add real value to your travel spend. How? By using our global buying power to bring you the best deals.

Complementary services in-house

We are leaders in global travel management. But in case that’s not all you need, we offer a suite of other specialism’s that you’ll rarely find in-house. Such as event management that ranges from meetings and annual conferences to full-on, bells and whistles international events. Or travel consulting and expense management to help you make your travel budget go further.

Responding to the changing economy, our own hotel specialists negotiate bespoke deals with carefully selected partners who provide accommodation to your standards and for all budgets.

Managing all these in-house gives us complete control over the service you receive. And you only to need contact one company.

More about our event management

Technology: responsive innovation

We believe that developing bespoke tools and technology in-house is often the best solution for our clients. By briefing our own talented innovators, we can respond to your specific challenges more effectively than by making do with existing products on the market. We can manage the quality of our service and make it cost-effective for you. But if a third-party supplier develops an interesting tool or gizmo, we will happily add it to our portfolio.

Intelligent service

For us, service is not only the unique combination of specialism’s we offer. It’s also the way we deliver these, and the care with which we build our client relationships.

Why do we have one of the highest client retention rates in the industry? Perhaps because the skills we bring and the service we provide are based on a detailed understanding of your business and sector. We take the time to get to know you. We look at the variety and complexity of your travel and consider your routes. We weigh up your hotel needs with our knowledge of pressure points and events in different locations. Our experience and training means we know how to challenge preconceptions. And how to shift patterns of travel creatively to save you money.

Our 24-hour service is just that. It doesn’t have to be an emergency. Because many of our clients need round-the-clock service daily, our company is set up to respond to that. We aren’t fazed by last minute requests on a Sunday evening, whatever your business, and regardless of where you are in the world.

In short, we expect to fit around you. Not the other way around.