ATPI Analytics™

ATPI Analytics™ shows an advanced graphical representation of your travel programme performance and provides data online, anytime, with fast, intuitive drill down capabilities. This makes your travel intelligence instantly available at your fingertips.

Instead of hiding the interesting details in huge quantities of information, ATPI Analytics™ brings the essence to the surface to help you in understanding and interpreting the information.

Your benefits of using ATPI Analytics™

  • An end to the reliance on static data reports
  • Drill down capabilities giving you instant insights to make better, timelier decisions and convert data into true actionable intelligence
  • Easier analysis of travel data trends, making it useful for business planning and forecasting
  • Intuitive and visual approach to data analysis, simple to search and interrogate your data without waiting for reports to be produced
  • All travel related data in one single platform:
    • Pre-trip information to get full transparency and control before travel is undertaken
    • Post-trip information, providing you with the invoiced data you need to analyse your spend
  • Benchmarking of your industry peers to help you better measure your travel performance
  • Create personalised bookmarks ensuring quick and easy reporting on your key metrics
  • Easy collaboration with colleagues, delivering the critical intelligence needed to identify savings
  • Full flexibility in the set-up of your data monitor, with optimal data security
  • Option to custom build

To find out more information:

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