Mission & Goals

ATPI Mission Statement:

‘To be the No. 1 travel and events provider of choice for international businesses that require sector expertise, high touch service and smart, innovative technology to add value to their primary business processes.’

Our divisions represent the specialist areas of our Group. For our divisions, we have set the following Goals:

* ATPI Corporate Travel - ‘Our Goal is to be the leading TMC in the world for industries where travel is critical to the business’

* ATPI Griffinstone - ‘Our Goal is to be the leading TMC for the global Shipping, Energy and Resources industries’

* ATPI Corporate Events - ‘Our Goal is to be the obvious partner in our respective markets for companies that require the combined expertise of travel and corporate event management’

* ATPI Sports Events - ‘Our Goal is to be the leading travel and events specialist for the international corporate sports domain’

For more details please read our Mission and Goals document.